Learn to Love the Way You Look

Dear Princess of God, your appearance may be something you have always loved, or something you have struggled with for some time. Either way, remembering that the way you look is how Jesus made you, will help you to accept and love yourself more. In He & I, Jesus tells Gabrielle Bossis, “love your appearance.Continue reading “Learn to Love the Way You Look”

Seraphim Angels & The Fire of Perfect Charity

The Princess of God may be Seraphic, that is, she may be destined to be joined to the highest choir of God’s angels, the Seraphim. There are 9 choirs of angels from the angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions (or dominations!), thrones, cherubim, and finally seraphim. The Seraphim angels are the ones closest to GodContinue reading “Seraphim Angels & The Fire of Perfect Charity”

Humility & It’s Importance

The Princess of God is humble and pursues this virtue always. And her King, Jesus, pursues her when she is deeply humble as well – her humility compelling Him to give her ever more gifts and blessings. The Princess of God recognizes that it is God who should be exalted, and her humiliated or humble,Continue reading “Humility & It’s Importance”