Be a Simple Instrument in Jesus’ Hands

Many Saints have described themselves as only simple instruments in Jesus and God’s hands, because that is what we in reality are. It is important to stay humble and little, and then God can use you. A Princess of God should strive to be such an instrument for Jesus to use as well. How muchContinue reading “Be a Simple Instrument in Jesus’ Hands”

A life of Ardent Charity

Many people think of philanthropy when they hear the word ‘charity’. However, the supernatural virtue of charity is much different. An example of a life lived in ardent charity, or in a high degree of the virtue, is Mother Theresa’s. Everything she did, she did out of love for Jesus, and she even reached thisContinue reading “A life of Ardent Charity”

Be a Peacemaker

The Princess of God is lovely, and she is a Peacemaker. She radiates serenity, or calm and works for peace in all she does. “Acquire the spirit of peace and thousands around you will be saved.” – St. Seraphim She lives according to Jesus’ Beatitude: Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called theContinue reading “Be a Peacemaker”

An Invitation to Abundant Life

God calls his princesses to live an abundant life. Let’s start with a prayer: God’s Generosity Please don’t place limits on God’s generosity; His ways are far aboveThe ways of you and meHe wants so very muchTo make your dreams come true; Don’t underestimateWhat He will do for you!Have faith! Let God be God, AndContinue reading “An Invitation to Abundant Life”