Getting Inspired when the Spiritual Life is Difficult

Dear Princess of God, sometimes in the spiritual life things will be going well and you will be filled with peace, joy, and the love of Christ and feel like your heart and soul is singing – springtime in your interior! However, there will be other times, times of desolation or darkness where you won’tContinue reading “Getting Inspired when the Spiritual Life is Difficult”

St. Bernadette

St. Bernadette Soubirous was just 14 years old when she started to see apparitions of Our Lady at Lourdes, France. Today the site is visited still by countless pilgrims and the place of many miraculous healings. Bernadette was a poor young lady, but beneath the outward facts of her life as a peasant girl inContinue reading “St. Bernadette”

God wants you to “win”

God wants you, his beloved Princess, to “win” both in life, and in eternal life, gaining the glory of Paradise. He is not against you, but for you, and His “rules” or commandments and His pronouncements are all for your benefit and well-being, so that you do “win” and live and have life to theContinue reading “God wants you to “win””

Jesus & Your Great Dignity

The Princess of God has great dignity. Dignity is a worthiness or an edification before people and before God. All of us are created in God’s image, and therefore called to great dignity. Purity, virtue, and humility all increase one’s dignity and give strength to the soul as it goes through the world, a fallenContinue reading “Jesus & Your Great Dignity”

Seraphim Angels & The Fire of Perfect Charity

The Princess of God may be Seraphic, that is, she may be destined to be joined to the highest choir of God’s angels, the Seraphim. There are 9 choirs of angels from the angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions (or dominations!), thrones, cherubim, and finally seraphim. The Seraphim angels are the ones closest to GodContinue reading “Seraphim Angels & The Fire of Perfect Charity”


The theological virtue of Prudence is to know what it is one should do, and to do that. Greatness and excellence lies in being prudent, that is always doing what it is you should be doing. The Princess of God is a prudent woman – she is careful and responsible in determining what it isContinue reading “Prudence”


The Princess of God believes in Miracles, and her everyday life is full of them, because she sees with the eyes of Faith and recognizes the miracle of Creation in the world around her. She believes in the miracles Jesus wrought during his lifetime and ministry and she believes in the miracles that continue toContinue reading “Miracles”

Worry & Abandonment

God commands us not to worry, or to have any anxiety, as these get in the way of our relationship with Jesus & God and prevent us from making progress on the path towards greater and greater holiness. St. Frances de Sales writes, “Anxiety is the greatest evil that can befall a soul, except sin.Continue reading “Worry & Abandonment”

Call the Sabbath A Delight!

When God commands us to take a day of rest, and do no servile work on Sundays, He means it! In today’s culture of hyper-productivity, many disobey and they pay the penalty for it. But the sabbath and the day of rest at the end of the week should be seen as a delight, asContinue reading “Call the Sabbath A Delight!”

How to Prosper in Everything You Do

The true Princess of God is blessed and she does indeed prosper in everything she does and undertakes. How is this so?! In Psalm 1, verse 3 the psalmist speaks of such a person: And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bring forth his fruit in his season;Continue reading “How to Prosper in Everything You Do”