Start acting like the person you would like to be

Dear Princess of God: In order to become the person you would like to be, and who Jesus would like you to be, you must start doing now the things that that person would do. Perhaps you would like to be an extremely holy person, or more responsible, or kinder, or more disciplined. Simply thinkContinue reading “Start acting like the person you would like to be”

This Life vs. Eternity

Most people, dear Princess of God, go about life rarely thinking about the next life, a life which will last forever! Their cares and concerns are occupied with temporal rather than eternal matters, until some event forces things into focus for them. A great book to read to prepare yourself and bring yourself back intoContinue reading “This Life vs. Eternity”

Be Full of Life and Ask for Blessings!

A Princess of God is full of LIFE! Her source for this life is Jesus, who is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. She has joy and peace and energy that comes from her source, and then she gives this life to others around her. Jesus says, “I have come that they may haveContinue reading “Be Full of Life and Ask for Blessings!”

God wants you to “win”

God wants you, his beloved Princess, to “win” both in life, and in eternal life, gaining the glory of Paradise. He is not against you, but for you, and His “rules” or commandments and His pronouncements are all for your benefit and well-being, so that you do “win” and live and have life to theContinue reading “God wants you to “win””


The theological virtue of Prudence is to know what it is one should do, and to do that. Greatness and excellence lies in being prudent, that is always doing what it is you should be doing. The Princess of God is a prudent woman – she is careful and responsible in determining what it isContinue reading “Prudence”