Profiting by the Time

Dear Princess of God, as a Christian soul and soldier, you must ‘profit by’ the time you have available to you in life, and each day.

One inspirational young man and Blessed was Carlo Acutis who could at the end of his life truly say:

I am happy to die because I lived my life without wasting even a minute of it on anything unpleasing to God.”

We should each resolve to live in such a way from now on that we can say of ourselves the same… that we haven’t wasted even a minute of our time on anything displeasing to God. This is what it means to ‘profit’ by the time you have, dear Princess of God.

In the Practice of Christian and Religious Perfection, by Alphonsus Rodriguez, S. J., he states that ‘to the true servants of God every day is twenty-four hours – they suffer not one moment of this time to pass unprofitably. The day is always full and entire to them, because they employ it totally in doing the will of God.”

He goes on to say “it is after this manner that all our actions and all our days become full and entire – it is after this manner that the just live a long while in a short time, and that a few days of life make many years of merit.”

In other words, it is often not how much a time a person has, dear Princess, that matters, but how well she employed the time she did have. Someone, like Bl. Carlo Acutis, may have lived quite a bit in his short life of 15 years, because he profited by the time he did have and used that time to fulfil the will of God and as he says, did not waste a moment of it on anything displeasing to God.

You must do the same.

“A few days of a pure and holy life, are of greater value, than many days of a dissolute and tepid one. Hence before God we reckon not the years of our life, but those of a good life.”

“Let us therefore watch ourselves carefully – let us endeavor that our actions be full and complete, and that our days be full and entire, to the end that after this manner we may live a great while in a short time, and that we may merit very much before God.”

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