Start acting like the person you would like to be

Dear Princess of God:

In order to become the person you would like to be, and who Jesus would like you to be, you must start doing now the things that that person would do.

Perhaps you would like to be an extremely holy person, or more responsible, or kinder, or more disciplined.

Simply think of what a person who has the traits and attributes you would like to have, would do, and start doing those things. It doesn’t matter that you are not yet that person and don’t have the internal attitudes and disposition that that person would have – you simply need to start acting.

Jesus writes to Gabrielle Bossis, that He is all action, all love. Acting is an outgrowth and expression of internal love. Love does and acts.

There is so much power, dear Princess of God, in simply taking action in the present. Often times we think that motivation needs to precede action, that we need to feel good and inspired in order to act. However, this is not the case.

We tend to get motivation, and then inspiration and momentum, after we take actions, no matter how seemingly small they are.

When St. Faustina was overwhelmed with the amount of work that needed to be done with the tasks God was charging her with, Jesus advised her with incredible wisdom about how to proceed:

Do whatever you can in this matter; I will accomplish everything that is lacking in you. You know
what is within your power to do; do that.

Dear Princess of God, it is enough for God and for Jesus that you do what is within your power to do. It is okay to ‘start small’ with just the actions that are in your power, and then upon successful completion of that, you will advance and God will take over with the rest, or give you additional power to do more.

Many people get into the trap of thinking that just because they can’t do great or grand things, that what they can do is insignificant or doesn’t matter. This couldn’t be further from the truth, dear Princess of God.

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