How to Make Your Guardian Angel Happy

The first thing you can do, dear Princess of God, to make your guardian angel happy, is to decide that you are going to do God’s will and obey Jesus in your life.

Your guardian angel is just waiting for you to decisively make that choice so that he can intervene and help you. Your guardian angel also wants you to ask him frequently for his help. He respects your free will and will not intervene in your life unless you invite him to.

In All About Angels, there is the story of a knight who learned from his angel that though a guardian angel might always be by your side at the ready, he needs to be asked to help you, which he is all to eager to do!

THE STORY OF TUNDALE Tundale was an Irish knight, a brave man, a good soldier, but unfortunately he led a bad life. The following story of his conversion made such an impression that it was translated into German, French, Italian, English, Norman, Norse and Irish. It was written by an Irish monk about the year 1149. Once, when sitting at table, Tundale became unconscious and would have been buried had not his body retained some little warmth. He remained in this unconscious state from Wednesday to Saturday. On regaining consciousness, he was completely changed, gave thanks to God and did severe penance for his bad life. He told his friends that his soul seemed to have left his body and he found himself surrounded by demons, who strove to take him to Hell, but his Angel Guardian appeared and drove them away. Tundale told the Angel how grievously he suffered and the Angel in reply said: I have been always by your side but you never asked me to help you. He promised Tundale that he should receive mercy but would suffer for some time.

One way to ask your guardian angel for help, is simply the guardian angel prayer: Angel of God my guardian dear to whom God’s love commits me here, ever this day (or night) be at my side, to light and guard, to rule and guide.

Another way you can give great joy to your guardian angel is by going to mass as frequently as possible and receiving holy communion. Additionally, you should send your guardian angel to mass for you, when you yourself are not able to go.

Finally, the guardian angels love when you pray, when you participate in Eucharistic adoration, and they will crowd around the tabernacle in adoring worship with you.

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