God Provides!

Dear Princess of God, trust in Jesus and His Providence. That means – simply put – God will provide for all your needs, provided that your trust in Him is great.

When St. Faustina was working on creating a new congregation Jesus said to her to trust in His Providence in these words:

Suddenly I head these words in my soul: My daughter, I assure you of a
permanent income on which you will live. Your duty will be to trust
completely in My goodness, and My duty will be to give you all you need. I
am making Myself dependent upon your trust: if your trust is great, then My
generosity will be without limit.

He said if your trust is great, then My generosity will be without limit.

Oftentimes people don’t believe in Jesus’ Providence and generosity because unfortunately they haven’t really experienced it because they don’t have true trust in Him, that He will indeed provide for all that you need.

To help you in the area of trust, dear Princess, there is a wonderful litany of trust, found here.

Father Jacques Philippe writes in Searching for and Maintaining Peace, “Many do not believe in Providence because they’ve never experienced it, but they’ve never experienced it becuase they’re never jumped into the void and taken the leap of faith. They never give it the possibility to intervene. They calculate everything, anticipate everything, they seek to resolve everything by counting on themselves, instead of counting on God. The founders of religious orders proceed with the audacity of this spirit of faith. They buy houses without having a penny, they receive the poor although they have nothing with which to feed them. Then, God performs miracles for them.”

Dear Princess of God, Jesus will provide for you too. Ask Him for what you need and desire today, and if it is for the Good of your soul and God’s will, He will not withhold any good thing from you.

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