How to overcome jealousy and envy

The Princess of God is above all jealousy and envy.

You, dear reader, can overcome these unhealthy emotions as well by simply focusing on your own gifts and talents and cultivating those. When you have your own success, and your own life and business improving or going in the direction they need to go, you are less preoccupied with the concerns of others and will not get jealous or envious of them.

Jesus denies His grace to no one – all are free to partake of His grace and become great people, and even great Saints. You included! You should never think, oh well, that was so and so, and Jesus wouldn’t love me this way. Jesus loves you. He loves you as if you were the only soul, and He has said that every soul is His favorite. You are Jesus’ favorite!

Jesus made you unique. He doesn’t want you to stress over qualities or gifts or blessings that you don’t have – He wants you to be grateful and thank Him for the blessings you do have.

Gratitude for what you have, and what others have is another way to overcome envy and jealousy. When you feel yourself tempted to envy and jealousy simply offer up your temptation for the conversion of sinners, and then start to thank God for the way others are glorifying Jesus through their gifts.

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