Getting Inspired when the Spiritual Life is Difficult

Dear Princess of God, sometimes in the spiritual life things will be going well and you will be filled with peace, joy, and the love of Christ and feel like your heart and soul is singing – springtime in your interior! However, there will be other times, times of desolation or darkness where you won’t feel that way. Doing your spiritual exercises may be very difficult in those times.

In those times therefore it is important to stay inspired and too keep feeding yourself with inspiration wherever you can find it.

Great places to find inspiration are the lives of the Saints, spiritual reading, organized retreats, pilgrimages, holy artwork, and even in nature, in beautiful scenic areas, being sure to Praise Jesus for His beauty and artistic creation. These will help speak to your soul and keep you sustained through such periods.

Often it takes only an inspiring story to move your soul and spirit, making you cry, laugh and have new determination to keep going on the upward climb towards union with Jesus.

Above all, dear Princess of God, never give up. God wants to see you face to face in heaven someday, and he wants you to work for your place in glory, loving Him with all your heart, strength, mind and soul, even in the times when it is difficult.

Often in these difficult times, you even obtain more merit for yourself – “One ‘Blessed Be God’ in times of adversity, is worth more than a thousand acts of gratitude in times of prosperity.” – St. John of Avila

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