Choose to Dress Modestly

In the Our Lady of Good Success apparition, the Blessed Mother appeared and said that in recent times, “innocence will scarcely be found in children or modesty in women.”

The Blessed Mother reaffirmed that modesty is a virtue and all women should be striving for it. Modesty is an act of love, dear Princess of God, and moreover it makes you look different from others as it is “scarcely found” and it gives you a certain grace and beauty that others do not have.

We do indeed live in a fallen world and now it is an act of charity for both men and women to cover up. Sr. Clare Crockett once asked the girls she worked with to ask themselves, how many people will go to hell today because of what I’m wearing?

This is not dramatic, dear Princess of God. Be considerate of others when you dress, that you inspire love and virtue, not lust.

Reject the current culture, dear Princess of God, that has beauty standards which involve “dressing half naked” and take up the veil of modesty. Cloth yourself fully, with long dresses, and at church, veil in the presence of the Lord and the holy angels.

Be modest not only in dress, but also in speech. Follow Our Lady’s example.

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