Why You Should Want to Achieve Christian Perfection

The Goal of the Christian life, dear Princess of God, is to reach heaven. And to reach heaven, one must be perfectly purified and spotless. Absolute perfection is not possible in this life, but something called Christian Perfection or to be relatively perfect is, and for this you should work very hard.

You should do so because God is displeased with someone who leaves all the work of perfection and purification for after this life, and because if your actions are more perfect (i.e. free of sin and wrong intentions, as pure as possible), then this helps everyone around you as well. Your effort and merit is multiplied!

In He and I, Jesus says: “Keep in mind that you are all dependent on one another, so that if one of you does something perfectly, it adds to the treasury of the whole Church.”

You should also achieve perfection because Jesus desires to see you perfect or rather, to be the perfection in you, Himself. He created you beautiful and for perfection.

One way you can be assured of reaching Christian Perfection in this life, is to recite or say the St. Bridget prayers for one year, found here.

While you are working on this, you can say another devotion daily, that will offer to the Father, the perfections of Jesus’ Sacred Heart applied to your life each and every day, found here.

Of course, to take Jesus in the eucharist is also the path to perfection – attendance at mass as often as possible, adoration, and spiritual communions will also advance you towards perfection each day. (:

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