Be True

A Princess of God strives for authenticity, because she yearns for Jesus to say about her as he said of Nathanael in John 1:47:

Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!

Jesus deems authenticity a quality worth praising in a person, and to be a true Princess of God or a reflection of Jesus, who is The Truth, a Princess of God must be both honest and authentic. She must not be one way with some people, another way with others, and yet another way with another group of people. Authenticity is simply the truth, it is the humble, honest way you really are without trying to play to an audience, or get people to like you or approve of you.

Authenticity has its root in seeking Jesus’ approval, not that of other people. When you live to please Jesus and He is always first in all your thoughts, you do not have time to pretend to be someone other that what you truly are, that is what God made you to be.

A Princess of God should take heart, because God has voted for her. God wanted you, the way you are with all your unique qualities and gifts and personality – He didn’t want someone else. This should give you confidence to be your authentic self always.

Who you really are or your authentic self, if you struggle to realize this, dear Princess of God, is who you are at Jesus’ feet. Are you Mary Magdalene crying tears of repentance? Then that is okay. Are you one of the many sick people asking for Jesus to take pity on you and heal you? Then that is okay also. Are you like a little child of God whom Jesus smiles upon? Then you are blessed.

Jesus wants you to be true. He wants you to be who He made you to be and no one else.

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