Praising God – the Psalms!

The Princess of God wakes up every morning and begins to praise God! She does this, because she is beautiful.

For those Princesses just beginning on their journey, they can begin to sing God’s praises by reading the Psalms for 15 minutes each morning after they wake up, or by playing lovely worship music.

Many of the Psalms were King David’s praises to God, and David was described as a man after God’s own heart! The Princess of God is a woman after God’s own heart as well!

There are Psalms for every occasion and they are truly lovely in giving God his praises, for the infinite number of things He may be praised for.

Not only is Praise to God right and edifying, it uplifts the soul and the spirit of the Princess of God. This is what the angels do night and day – they worship God and sing his praises without ceasing! To be angelic, the Princess of God strives to do so as well!

God and Jesus, need no praise, as they need nothing but themselves, but oh how wonderful it is to sing to God such lovely and beautiful things! (:

A great resource for a Princess of God searching for music to sing or listen along with can be found here.

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