Humility & It’s Importance

The Princess of God is humble and pursues this virtue always. And her King, Jesus, pursues her when she is deeply humble as well – her humility compelling Him to give her ever more gifts and blessings.

The Princess of God recognizes that it is God who should be exalted, and her humiliated or humble, as God is all worthy and deserving of every glory, praise, and exaltation. She forgets about herself in the joy of exalting and lifting up her God instead of herself. (:

“When pride cometh, then cometh shame, but with the lowly is wisdom.” Proverbs 11:2

“But He giveth more grace; therefore He saith, ‘God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.” James 4:6

“Oh Virgin most pure, but also most humble, help me to attain deep humility. Now I understand why there are so few saints; it is because so few souls are deeply humble” – Diary of St. Faustina

“Wherefore thou seest that while I created the soul to Mine own image and similitude, placing her in such dignity and beauty, I caused her to be accompanied by the vilest of all things, imposing on her the law of perversity, imprisoning her in a body, formed of the vilest substance of the earth, so that seeing in what her true beauty consisted, she should not raise her head in pride against Me.” -God the Father speaking in the Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena

Humility is the requirement of heaven as well – it was pride that launched the bad angels out of heaven.

For help in the virtue of humility, there are several failsafe practices that the Princess of God can undertake:

(1) The chaplet of humility & the litany of humility, found here

(2) The double great novena, which promises the virtue of humility to those who complete it, who are aspiring to perfection (: found here

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