Devotion to the Holy Angels

A Princess of God is devoted to the Holy Angels.

Let’s start with a few prayers:

Guardian Angel from Heaven so bright,
Watching beside me to lead me aright,
Fold thy wings ’round me, and guard me with love,
Softly sing songs to me of Heaven above.


Angel of God, my guardian dear; to whom God’s love commits me here
Ever this day (or night) be at my side, to light and guard to rule and guide.


A special prayer to the angels is the Rosary of the Angels in honor of St. Michael. It was given to Servant of God Antonia d’Astonac, a Carmelite nun. Please see the prayer here;

Rome, Italy – December 15, 2017: church of Immaculate Conception, this painting represents the Archangel Michael killing the devil. Painted by Guido Reni in 1636.

The three leading angels in Scripture are St. Michael the Archangel, St. Gabriel the Archangel, and St. Raphael the Archangel.

Another wonderful prayer is the Angelus, prayed at dawn, noon, and twilight:

V. The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary:
R. And she conceived by the Holy Spirit
Hail Mary…

V. Behold the handmaid of the Lord:
R. Be it done unto me according to Thy Word.
Hail Mary….

V. And the Word was made flesh:
R. And dwelt among us
Hail Mary…

~Concluding Prayer~
V. Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God,
R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ

Let us pray: Pour forth, we beseech Thee, O Lord, Thy grace into our hearts; that we, to whom the incarnation of Christ, Thy Son, was made known by the message of an angel, may by His Passion and Cross be brought to the glory of His Resurrection, through the same Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Some great books for more about the holy angels are here and here (:

The angels inspire us, help us on our journey through life and our guardian angel protects us from many dangers.

A Princess of God is inspired by such women Saints as St. Faustina, who regularly communed with the holy angels: My communing is with the angels (Diary 1200).

A Princess of God prays to the angels and trusts them as dear friends, especially her own guardian angel đź’“ She prays to them when in danger, when in distress, and when going about her day – such cultivated friendship will make a Princess of God angelic (:

A Princess of God also has a special devotion to the Blessed Mother, as the Queen of the Angels.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

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